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19 Nov 2012
The decrease invalue of DSi cards within the path with the accomplish of ?9 signifies the R4i card can like a final place grace our shelves! think about advantage for this perfect DSi card for that earth whilst you can!

 As the Acekard pc application is out there source, it is obtained a great offer of unique features that are only provided for that inexpensive R4i card. The R4i card may also be anyone for this only DS/DSi card with double remembrance capability, this signifies it may perhaps use a micro SD/SDHC getting a remembrance and too has internal NAND memory.The r4i card are heading to be card the longest coming, and most anticipated. The valid cause for this might be simple - the M3 groupcommonly make basically one of the most...

16 Nov 2012
Earlier DS allows running games simply on the system. But with the development of Nintendo Dsi R4 it has distorted everything by entering into a new age.

 With the creation of R4 Ds it has made simple to watch movies, listening music, and storing photographs and other Applications. One can use R4 for storing complete games without any trouble or complexity.

 R4 is appropriate with Ds besides with Nintendo Dsi R4. Being a vast big fan of the Nintendo Ds, the gaming console from Nintendo that has sold over 100 million units Im constantly on the lookout for new games, software and enhancements for my Nintendo Dsi R4.

 Out of the several devices obtainable out there in the market one that is a must have for anyone who owns a Nintendo Ds is...

15 Nov 2012
Farango is a UK-based electrical products company, a leader in its field. Its products include the DSTT card (or adapter), r4 card and acekard among others.

 DSTT is basically an empty DS cartridge with a memory card slot. With this device, you can play music, games, videos and other applications. DSTT is among the cheapest flash cards which functions well in spite of its low-cost. When such a cheap option is available, there is no reason to buy a costly flash card if you are a budget conscious buyer.

 The DSTT interface is quite user-friendly once you get used to it. It has a touch screen which you can use with ease. In order to play multimedia files, you have to copy moonshell to your memory card and run it. The touch screen display has...

14 Nov 2012
There are a lot of Nintendo DS aficionados out there, and for each one, there are people working tirelessly on free and open source projects, creating unofficial omebrew?applications and games.


 Homebrew opens the doors to a whole new world of software and games. The homebrew software is written by non Nintendo programmers using C and/or C++, and is hence unofficial, but in no way infringes on any copyrights, and is completely legal.

 Homebrew on your Nintendo DS

 With homebrew, your humble Nintendo DS transforms into an amazing device, on which you can watch movies, listen to music, browse though your photographs, or even read an e-book. Most people are afraid of homebrew as it is conceived to be complicated, however this is...

12 Nov 2012
The world of technology is ever changing. More and more innovative products are floated in market in order to stay alive in the competition. Businesses need innovator and skilled personnel who can take their business to new heights and make their product a brand. We are talking about one more product which became the brand with cutting edge technology and good returns on investment. The product is R4 3ds Card. This memory slot is best product available in the market. And works best in Nintendo gaming console. As there are number of 3ds cards available in the market it is necessary to opt for r4 card because they re actual innovators of the memory slots and gives you best storing capacity and supports Nintendo games very well.


10 Nov 2012
Nintendo DS owners have quite a lot of things that they can buy as accessories today for their console. However, not all of these might be considered to be suitable. In fact, there are a number of accessories that you can easily disregard and look beyond. However, one accessory that you shouldn miss out on would have to be the EZ flash card. This is quite an important product and can significantly increase the usability of your console. The sheer number of benefits that comes with this card is reason enough for it to be quite popular.

 Instant Compatibility

 Many of the accessories that are sold in the market are normally not compatible with the consoles right away. There is a need to modify the firmware in some way if you wish to use...

09 Nov 2012
The site for the R4i Software flash card posted a video bountiful demo of what emerge to be the R4i running on a Dsi system with the 1.4 firmware. You identify the firmware that was launched not even a week ago, and deleted flash card compatibility? Yeah, that one. The video demo was about a retail game ROM, which is not predominantly outstanding, but does serve as verification of flash card compatibility. The website presently does not mention whether this is finished through an R4i Software upgrade or through new hardware. We will locate out more about R4i Software as more flash cards pick up on whatever tool is in use.

 With the big difficulty for R4 the manufacturers are imperatively annoying to augment the ratio by which R4i...

08 Nov 2012
R4i gold 3ds est un bon produit beaucoup aid par son support du kernel Wood. Il offre une excellente compatibilit avec les jeux, supporte un bon de nombre de Hombrew. Un concurrent srieux dans ce nouveau march qupporte la 3DS.

 Un grand merci  Nextgen-Industry qui a fournit le sample pour le test.

 Et pour terminer un petit rcapitulatif des plus et de moins de ce linker

 Les plus de R4i Gold 3DS:

 * supporter SDHC * Sa compatibilit avec toutes les 3DS, DSi et DS * Un linker prt  lmploi immdiatement * Le support du kernel alternatif Wood * Ce qui lui confre une excellente compatibilit avec les jeux commerciaux * Bon support des homebrew * Les mises  jours plus que frquentes * Un bon suivi des fabricants

 Les moins de R4i Gold 3DS :


07 Nov 2012
R4 3DS card use R4i-3DS kernel, the newest edition is R4i 3DS V1.53b, which was unveiled on Feb 17th. r4i-sdhc .com update the R4 3DS firmware each month. It constantly repaired some bugs, and help Nintendo 3DS new update. It is extremely uncomplicated to set up application to R4 3DS card. But in the occasion you a a brand name new user, just do action by action as beneath process: Step 1: obtain R4 3DS kernel to computer, it is usually a zipped patch. (Such as R4i-3DS V1.53b). Step 2: Unzip the patch into four files: oonmemo? oonshl2? 4iMenu?and 4.dat? Step 3: available R4 3DS box, make utilization of the USB reader to duplicate the four records towards root list of the MicroSD card. Step 4: obtain Nintendo DS matches to computer,...

06 Nov 2012
Do you want to enjoy your good time with Nintendo devices? If yes, R4i Gold 3DS card is the best way to play various things without any problem. However, many people suffer from problems to find it. The search is very easy, if you take care of a few important aspects in your mind.

 First of all, you should have proper knowledge about the type of card that you want for your device. Then you can go through with its complete details like price, benefits and others. The more information you will search on the internet, the more comfortable it would be for you to seek the desired card.

 In online world, you can find many websites wherein you can get relevant information related to R4 3DS. Even they provide you an option to buy the card as per...